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Hall Corps #104 was instituted December 11, 1885, with twenty one charter members. The instituting officer was Mrs. Stella Sloan of Warren.
As their object was to assist the Grand Army of the Republic, they worked jointly with the Post until it disbanded.
Orville Osmer was the last surviving comrade.
Mrs. Retta Wilcox was the first president.

Charter Members of Hall Corps
Retta Wilcox
Lucinda Haughton
Prudence Haughton
Mary Griffith
Sadie Greer
Sally Hughes
Mary A Miller
Aerie Strock
Amelia Asper
Adda Taft
Diana Miller
Dell Lewis
Othelia Whiteman
Susan Bockman
Rachel Kibbee
Genia Wadsworth
Agnes Elwell
Julia Millikan
Kate Donaldson
Stella Thompson
Mary Holly


Past Presidents of Hall Corps #104
Audrey Rennolds 1944
Audrey Rennolds 1945
Luella Bosley 1946
Luella Bosley 1947
Thelma Hickox 1948
Lulu Collier 1949
Ida Bailey 1950
Jeanette Farmer 1951
Ione Coster 1952
Josie Stoneman 1953
Esther Platt 1954
Esther Platt 1955
Doris Cross 1956
Doris Cross 1957
Olga Balogh 1958
Olga Balogh 1959
Margaret Martin 1960
Margaret Martin 1961
Lucille Hughes 1962
Lucille Hughes 1963
Ethel Hyden 1964
Dolores Hynst 1965
Dolores Hynst 1966
Dolores Hynst 1967
Mary Hayes 1968
Vera Latimer 1969
Ruth Ward 1970
Ruth Ward 1971
Ruth Ward 1972
Mildred Cross Majick 1973
Mildred Cross Majick 1974
Kate Kuhl 1975
Anne Gerlt 1976
Hazel Hites 1977
Lois Miller 1978
Anne Gerlt 1979
Anita Galayda 1980
Dorothy Arndt 1981
Ann Marks 1982
Ann Hrdlicka 1983
Martha Cawrse 1987
Martha Cawrse 1988
Martha Cawrse/Evelyn Brown 1989
Evelyn Brown 1990
Margaret Lauth 1991
Margaret Lauth 1992
Laverne Christlieb 1993
Laverne Christlieb 1994
Claudia York 1995
Claudia York 1996
Margaret Lauth 1997
Margaret Lauth 1998
Margaret Lauth 1999
Margaret Lauth 2000
Violet Eakin/Margaret Lauth 2001
Margaret Lauth 2002
Margaret Lauth/Carol Goddard 2003
Carol Goddard 2004
Carol Goddard 2005
Judy Richards 2006
Judy Richards 2006-2007
Laverne Christlieb 2007-2008
Ruth Goddard 2008-2009
Ruth Goddard 2009-2010
Leona Fisher 2010-2011
Jackie Gore 2011-2012
Jackie Gore 2012-2013
Roxanne York 2013-2014
Roxanne York 2014-2015
MaryAnne Creatore 2015-2016
MaryAnne Creatore 2016-2017
Nancy Fomich 2017-2018
Nancy Fomich 2018-2019
Nancy Fomich 2019-2020


Past National Presidents
Past Department Presidents
Past District #17 Presidents
1992-93 Anne L Gerlt 1975-1976 Peg Martin 1996 Margaret Lauth
2003-04 Margaret Lauth 1983-1984 Anne Gerlt 1997 Harriet Bonini
2004-05 Margaret Lauth 1987-1989 Anne Gerlt 1998 Claudia York
    1992-1994 Peg Lauth 1999 Martha Cawrse
    1998-2000 Peg Lauth 2000 Martha Cawrse
    2016-2017 Jackie Gore 2001 Anne Gerlt
    2017-2018 Roxanne York 2002 Laverne Christlieb
        2003 Claudia York
        2004 Peggy Lauth
        2005 Carol Goddard
        2006 Claudia York
        2007 Laverne Christlieb
        2008 Margaret Lauth
        2009 Carol Goddard
        2010 Peggy Lauth
        2011 Claudia York
        2012 Judy Richards
        2013 Jackie Gore
        2014 Ruth Goddard
Corps Mother
Gertie Fink
Luella Bosley
Dorothy Arndt
Peg Martin
Anne L. Gerlt
2011- 2019


The American’s Creed

I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people,
by the people, and for the people, whose just powers are derived from the
consent of the governed; a democracy and a republic; a soverign nation of many
soverign states; a perfect union one and inseperable, established upon those principles
of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which our American patriots sacrificed
their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it,
to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all enemies.

~ William Tyler Page

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