ohio state seal Message from the President:

     If you enjoy the freedoms and privileges of living in the beautiful USA-------------THANK A VETERAN.

This statement is so true and right now veterans of all ages need our support, thanks, and love.
Our organization was started way back in 1883 and its main purpose or function is the promotion of service and allegiance to veterans. We encourage remembrance and patriotism whenever and wherever possible. We attend as many service related functions as possible. We also encourage education of our youth to better understand and feel patriotism for our veterans and this wonderful nation.

      We also have social functions to increase our friendships with each other--locally, statewide, and nationally. This spreading out of friendships and contacts from sea to sea allows us to be of better service for our country. And with conventions at the district, state, and national levels, it helps us to grow in closeness and understanding in this special organization for women.

     As the president of Hall Relief Corps #104 I would like to extend an invitation and welcome to join our organization. Any member can give you information and would be honored to do so. A great deal of time is not expected for a woman to show her patriotism and love for her veterans and country. After all---veterans are laying their lives on the line for you....not just time!

Nancy Fomich- President
Hall Relief Corps #104
W. Farmington, Ohio


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