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york family
memorial day
memorial day
York Family
Memorial Day
veterans day 2003
Mr Hungerford &  Peggy Lauth
Memorial Day Parade
Veteran's Day 2003
Mr. Hungerford &
Peggy Lauth, Nat'l Pres.
Veterans Day Assembly 2003
Salad Bar Luncheon
past presidents picnic
Veteran's Day Assembly 2003
Salad Bar Luncheon
Past President's Picnic
past presidents picnic 2003
Farmington parade 2004
Farmington Parade 2004
VFW Shelter House
W. Farmington Festival Parade 2004
W. Farmington Parade
veterans day 2004
flag presentation
gift exchange
Veteran's Day Assembly 2004
Flag presented in memory of Martha Cawrse
Christmas Gift Exchange 2004
salad luncheon 05
salad luncheon 05
salad luncheon 05
Ways & Means
Salad Bar
Luncheon 2005
memorial day 05
VFW 7200
Ladies Auxilary
Memorial Day 2005
VFW 7200
Ladies Auxilary
Bristol Band
Memorial Day 2005
Bristol HS Band
Memorial Day 2005
Memorial Day Service
peggy's reception
farmington festival
Memorial Day Service
Peggy's Reception
Farmington Festival 2005
past presidents picnic
120th b-day cake
Dist 17 Convention
Past President's Picnic 2005
September Birthday Dinner
120 years of service
District #17 Convention
Dist 17 pres - Carol Goddard & Dept Pres Martha Shreeves
president & new member
Christmas 2005
Dist #17 Pres - Carol Goddard
Dept Pres - Martha Shreeves
President &
New Member
Christmas 2005
gift exchange
Gift Exchange
Soup &
birthday dinner
church 2006
Birthday Dinner
June 2006
Memorial Chuch 2006
memorial day 2006
PP picnic
pp picnic 2006
Memorial Day 2006
Past Presidents'
Picnic 2006
farmingon festival
Farmington Parade 2006
district convention 2006
Farmington Festival 2006
Farmington Parade
District #17 Convention - 2006
2006 Dec b-day dinner
Christmas 2006
December 2006 b-day dinner
Christmas 2006
Memorial Parade 2007
Christmas 2007
Memorial Day Parade 2007
Christmas 2007
Past Pres Picnic 2008
Birthday Dinner 2008
Gift Exchange 2008
Christmas 2008
Past President's Picnic 2009
Farmington Festival 2009
Initiation July 2009

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